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My First Cooking Marathon of 2014

Several years ago I discovered how helpful cooking marathons, when I cook 10 or more dishes in one weekend and package them in individual portion containers to freeze, can be.  I love how it saves time and money and increases my food variety.  It also helps me plan for success and sets me up for a month full of good, healthy eating.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, and I was past due.  I also wanted to help set up both my husband and me for a good weight loss run in 2014.  Friday night, I hit the grocery store after work and spent, gasp, $400.  Now, it had been so long since I had gone to my regular grocery store I was shocked to see they had redesigned it.  I also had almost no food at home and needed to resupply.  I will get more than 100 meals from those groceries, and that makes that grocery bill a little less shocking.

I started cooking Friday night and continued to do so throughout the weekend.  By late Sunday night, I had made:

Split pea, barley and ham soup
Lentils, barley and italian sausage – variation on the soup above
Baked Oatmeal (recipe from Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ Web site)
Oatmeal Chocolate bars (for a party)
Weight Watchers Mexican casserole
Weight Watchers layered Mexican chicken
Weight Watchers lasagna
Weight Watchers spiced chicken with spinach almond quinoa
Weight Watchers French country-style chicken stew
Weight Watchers Easy Southwest oven chicken and beans bake

I still plan to make a pot roast, curried chickpeas and black beans, chorizo and barley and perhaps old-fashioned molasses spice cookies this week.

I will admit that cooking marathons can be tiring, but they do make me happy to see how much I have accomplished when I’m finished.  I also will do very little cooking for the rest of the month and eat very healthy.

Do you ever do a cooking marathon?  What are your favorite things to make and freeze?


Happy New Year!

I had a wonderful 2013.  Ten, twenty, thirty years from now, I will remember 2013 as the year I became engaged to a wonderful man one wintry day and married him on a beautiful, fall day in Florida.  I might remember that it was the first year of a new job that I might still […]

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, always gets me thinking about new starts and new goals.  I know it’s from the 19 times that fall meant the start of a new school year.  I just get rid myself of that association even when school has been in the past for more than a decade. […]

We Shook on It

This Sunday the fabulous fiance and I were having another conversation about how we should eat better, exercise more, etc.  We’ve both had some accomplishments with the latter this summer, but it is so easy to fall off the wagon especially when you throw in some work travel. So, in the midst of the chat, […]

Morning vs. Evening Exercise

My fabulous fiance is getting back on the health and fitness wagon this week.  He just made a Whole Foods run to buy stuff for healthy lunches, and he intends to start his morning runs again this week.  He is very much a morning exerciser.  I’m not certain I’ve ever seen him work out in […]


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