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Hacked By Imam

Hacked By Imam with Love

Happy New Year!

I had a wonderful 2013.  Ten, twenty, thirty years from now, I will remember 2013 as the year I became engaged to a wonderful man one wintry day and married him on a beautiful, fall day in Florida.  I might remember that it was the first year of a new job that I might still […]

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, always gets me thinking about new starts and new goals.  I know it’s from the 19 times that fall meant the start of a new school year.  I just get rid myself of that association even when school has been in the past for more than a decade. […]

We Shook on It

This Sunday the fabulous fiance and I were having another conversation about how we should eat better, exercise more, etc.  We’ve both had some accomplishments with the latter this summer, but it is so easy to fall off the wagon especially when you throw in some work travel. So, in the midst of the chat, […]


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