About the Healthy Writers

In May 2009, I turned 39 and started reassessing where I was in my health and fitness. The answer was “Not where I want to be.” With one year until I turned 40 and with the knowledge that my parents were suffering from a lot of ailments that could be tied to lack of proper diet, exercise and health choices, I decided to start making some changes. I began the Healthy Writer blog to chronicle my efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle in July 2009.

Soon, my very good friend, Michelle Butler, who was in the midst of a wonderful year of health and fitness transformation, came on board as a regular blogger at Healthy Writer. We started talking about the morphing purpose of the blog – from a sort of diary of my own efforts to something bigger. We wanted to provide inspiration, tips, news, and lots of useful information for other writers to help them in their own journeys to becoming healthier in body and mind.

Before long, fellow author Tawny Weber joined our blogging team. We tried different offerings on the blog. Some have been very successful; others we’ve let go. The blog is a constant work in progress, much like our books and our bodies. We’re constantly endeavoring to provide what you, our readers, need and want.

In early 2010, we added two new bloggers – Rachel Graves and Anne McFarlane. When Anne later left, Keri Mikulski came on board for the summer. In late summer of 2010, Rachel departed to focus on other areas. Mary Curry joined the blog and started her wonderful series of focusing on various veggies — their health benefits, fun facts, preparation videos and yummy recipes. After the summer was over and Keri returned to other responsibilities until next summer, the lovely Anna Sugden and Sally Kilpatrick joined the team. This gives us a wonderful group of six regular bloggers, with occasional guest bloggers to add a little more variety.

As we approached the one-year anniversary of Healthy Writer, we undertook a redesign, led by Liz Bemis at Bemis Promotions, to give the blog a fresh look and more content options.

Writing is a sedentary career, with hours spent in front of computer screens, and it can take a toll on a writer’s health if she or he isn’t careful. In truth, Healthy Writer can be useful to anyone who has a sedentary career. We hope you’ll spread the word to anyone you know who is a writer, an office worker, a truck driver – anyone who could benefit from the inspiration and support we strive to give to those wanting to improve her or his overall health and fitness.

Here’s to your health!

Trish Milburn