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I should have known I wanted to be a writer when I requested my own personal card catalog. Sure, mine was a tin recipe box instead of the massive chest of many tiny drawers, but even as a youngster I had a dream of writing enough stories to need a catalog.

Writing became a compulsive habit in middle and high school, and my favorite place to write was the closet because it was a handy spot to hide out from chores. Eventually, I moved out of the closet and to the University of Tennessee where I met my own Prince Charming. Then I did some time teaching Spanish. (Because that’s what you do with an English major, folks.)

I just finished my Masters in Professional Writing and am now wholly devoted to mothering and writing, i.e. herding cats. My novel Beulah Land and the Happy Hour Choir, won the 2010 Duel on the Delta Single Title category, finaled in the same category for the 2010 Maggie Awards of Excellence, and is a 2012 Golden Heart® finalist.

Fitness is another passion although it’s at war with my love of food. I had lost over thirty pounds, but I did a little too much stress eating while finishing my Masters and working on the conference. Part of my journey as a Healthy Writer will be to get back into the exercise groove, to figure out why I allow myself to eat poorly, and to come up with strategies to lose weight and make that weight loss permanent.
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  • 2012 Golden Heart (R) finalist!
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Back in the Saddle?

I finally got in a run.

Not only did I get to run, but I got to run the trails at Pinson Mounds State Park which was invigorating despite the ridiculous West Tennessee humidity. (At the time, it felt as though all that damp air was either plumping up my desiccated writer’s soul or trying to kill me.  In the end, all that nature and solitude along with feet pounding pavement? Positively poetic.)

My feet are still a little sore, but I think we’re going to make it. Finally. Of course, then I turned around and had a burger and fries at Bells Drive In, but, hey, it’s not every day I’m at home. One of my solutions for eating healthier while visiting my parents was to request spinach and matchstick carrots. Even a small salad helps me eat less of the stuff I shouldn’t be eating.

What I’ve been thinking a lot about, though, is how we have to recharge our batteries. Whether it’s our creative muscles or our physical muscles, there are places and times that trigger happy memories and thus a better run or a better book. I love state parks. Pinson Mounds seems to have a really spiritual component, calling to me almost as though I’m one of those ancient Native Americans who used to stop there for ceremonial purposes on their journeys down the Forked Deer. Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park speaks to the history buff within, too. The Silver Comet Trail is such a peaceful place to run, traveling along the same bed where the iron horses used to roam.

Where are some of your favorite places to renew your commitment to fitness and/or recharge your creative batteries?

Son of Club Fasciitis vs. Scrivener

I’m free! I’m free! I’m cleared to run and skip and frolic! By the time you read this–or at least by the time I get back, I will have also attended my second Checkpoint, i.e. weight and measurement session. Between the excesses of last weekend and several days of not working out, I’m kinda scared. […]

Club Fasciitis, Part Deux

Time for an update: as you’ll remember I was formally diagnosed with plantar fasciitis last week. I was given a prescription for the anti-inflammatory Celebrex, a pair of Strasburg socks, a brand new pair of tennis shoes (Brooks Ghost 5 in a half size larger), a pair of Dr. Barry’s homemade inserts for when barefoot, […]

Club Fasciitis

What do Albert Pujols, Joakim Noah, and I have in common? It ain’t athletic prowess or the big bucks. Nope. We all have plantar fasciitis. Ever had a pain in your heel and possibly the bottom of your foot, a pain so intense that your knees buckle because your feet won’t support you? Yeah, that’s […]

Runkeeper Is My New BFF

Yeah, yeah. I know. I’m behind the curve. Several of you are already besties with Runkeeper. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, though, I wanted to share my latest bliss. I first downloaded Runkeeper app for my iPhone some time ago, but I didn’t spend a lot of time with the app […]

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