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I love romance. Happily ever after, hot love scenes… all the good things in life.

For a long time, I was content to explore this enticing world through books. Then, wow – I found out it can happen in real life. I met my husband, who showed me that all those wonderful, magical feelings described in the books are real. Hey, what d’ya know, fiction really IS based in reality.

Once that particular dream came true, it was like Pandora’s Box opened… if I could have that dream – why not the one I’d hidden away in that quiet corner of my mind… the one about putting those stories dancing around in my head onto paper (or computer screen) and writing my own romances?

It took awhile. Workshops and classes, voraciously devouring every how-to book I could buy, studying the market and finding my niche – to say nothing of my voice. Throw in those little distractions like life, children and such… but the dream started taking life.

Once I joined RWA I found another form of magic. Camaraderie, support and friendships that have touched my heart. The dream is blooming. In the last few years, I have served two terms as Secretary for my online chapter, as well as Publicity Chair, Mentorship Chair, Critique Chair and moderated a few other programs. I was the 2008 President of the Black Diamonds Romance Writers and VP of Administration of the SFA-RWA — and loved the challenge. All of this gives strength to that dream, and keeps it grounded.

My novella, A Babe in Toyland is a part of the Must Have Been the Mistletoe anthology, out December 2010. This will be my ninth Harlequin Blaze. I have with three more scheduled for 2011 - Breaking the Rules in February, Just For The Night in May and a new series will launch in December.

I do have other dreams that I’m happily tending: my own real-life hero husband and our two children. Our Northern California home, an ode to ideas and obsessive redecorating/remodeling. Good thing my hero is handy with a saw. Gardening, scrapbooking, crafting and an incredibly supportive family round things out. Along with homeschooling our children and writing, I work from home with my Intuitive Consulting business.
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Tawny's News & Fun Facts
  • I’m a homeschooling mom.
  • I love lifting weights. There is something so satisfying about being able to see muscles grow.
  • Before I was a writer, I was an Intuitive Consultant and Reiki Master.
  • I’m a list addict.  I make lists for everything – even my lists.
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Full Fat, Low Fat, No Fat

I’m doing a totally non-scientific, very casual study.

Are you a full fat, low fat or no fat eater?

I’m a mix.  Some things simply require full fat.  Nuts and seeds, obviously 😀  Butter.  I won’t use anything else.  Oil is hard to make low fat in cooking *g* although there are always substitutes (veggie broth for sautéing, etc).  I don’t use mayo as a rule, but my husband swears that low fat or no fat mayo is the work of evil, so I bow to his taste on that.  I’m cool with low-fat cheese, if it doesn’t have to be melted.  So it’s great sprinkled on tacos or on a sandwich.  Sour cream is one of those things I can’t tell the difference on at all – full fat to no fat, it all tastes wonderfully sour to me 🙂  I adore fat-free feta crumbles on my salad, actually a lot more than full fat.

How about you? What are some low fat/no fat recommendations that you love?  How about things you refuse to ditch the fat for?  Are there any absolutes in your pantry?  


Sugar Rush

Hello.  My name is Tawny and I’m addicted to sugar. I’d hang my head here, but I’m too hopped up on sugar to keep it down *g* I’ve kinda been in celebration mode this last week.  Celebrating with jelly beans, with chocolate, with eclairs. I’ve also been in stress mode over the last few weeks. […]

Stress and Weight Gain

We all have stress. It’s a part of our daily lives.  Some days it’s a bigger part than others. And, for the most part, we learn accept it, deal with it and maybe, if we’re blessed, make our peace with it (just an aside, I’m not one of the blessed). Stress isn’t just a mental […]

Realistic Goals

It’s conference time!!! Okay, not really.  The National RWA Conference is actually toward the end of July. But for those who usually attend, it starts sparking on our radar about now.  Registration reminders are going out.  Workshop announcements hit about this time of year.    The RITA and Golden Heart finalists are announced next week. […]

Daily Burn

Despite my struggle to keep it incorporated into my daily life, I do seriously love strength training.  Not only does it feel great to push my body, and look great to have muscles instead of jiggles, the increased energy and metabolic boost are fabulous. But I’m not a gym kind of gal.  But I’ve got […]

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