Happy Labor Day

Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, always gets me thinking about new starts and new goals.  I know it’s from the 19 times that fall meant the start of a new school year.  I just get rid myself of that association even when school has been in the past for more than a decade.

This Labor Day is no exception.  I’ve found myself thinking about what I’m going to do for my health, fitness and writing this fall – basically from now until the start of the holidays.  I also have a wedding 6 weeks away.  🙂  That’s always a reason to think about my fitness.

So, this Labor Day I’m going to do a mini cooking marathon.  That means I have to choose 4-5 main dishes to make, compose a grocery list, shop and then do some cooking.  I’d also like to go to the gym, by the cooking and all may be enough fitness for a day.  I also want to make doctors’ appointments in the next couple of months and enjoy my wedding and honeymoon.  🙂

Does Labor Day have you thinking about new goals to work towards the next few months?  What are some of your plans?


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  1. Yury says:

    about a year ago I took Staci’s maternity phoots.a0 I love when customers come back and I just get to see how much they have grown and changed.a0 I

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