Morning vs. Evening Exercise

My fabulous fiance is getting back on the health and fitness wagon this week.  He just made a Whole Foods run to buy stuff for healthy lunches, and he intends to start his morning runs again this week.  He is very much a morning exerciser.  I’m not certain I’ve ever seen him work out in the afternoon much less the evening.

I fell off the health and fitness wagon this past week or so because of a work trip and am also getting back on it this week.  I still want to get down another size and maybe even two before the wedding on October 12.  This latest attempt has been almost entirely exercise focused with an emphasis on body pump weight lifting classes and some cardio, mostly Zumba.  It’s the weight lifting classes that make the inches fly off.

I’m not much of a morning person and have been going to the gym at night after work and dinner.  This can work for me, but it does seem to take up so much of my free time.  And, if you miss it because you are working late or have some other commitment pop up, you can’t make it up later that day.

I wonder if I would do better if I tried to incorporate some morning exercise into my routine.  My favorite activity is my group classes, and they are only offered at 6:00 or 6:15 am in the mornings.  That’s pretty crazy early for a non-morning person, but I am supposed to get to the office at 8:30 am for my new(ish) job.  A 7:00 am class might not even work for me anymore.

I am considering trying to make a couple of the 6:00 am body pump classes this week and maybe even a spin class.  I would have to get up at 5:30 or 5:40 am at the earliest to make the 6:00 am body pump and 5:55 or so for the 6:15 spin.  I wonder if I started doing morning workouts if it would increase how much or how consistently I work out.  I really do want to start a lifelong habit as opposed to my on again off again fitness ways.

Or, is it better to find the time that works best for you?  Should I just say that I’ll always want to choose extra sleep over working out?  I’ve gone through work out stretches that have included a lot of morning work outs, and I have done it entirely after work at night.

It might be worth it to try one or two morning classes this week.


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  1. Diane Gaston says:

    I think you are right about morning exercise. If you start the day with your workout then it is done and nothing gets in the way.

    I always like the theory of morning exercise. I do think it would set your day off in a positive way and give you more energy for the rest of the day.

    I say “in theory” because, of course, I have not established any exercise routine! (but your journey is motivating me)

    But, of course, establishing any routine that works for you is probably the best prescription.

  2. Michelle Butler says:

    I do like going to my favorite classes at night – it just seems to take up so much of my free time then. I’m thinking that if I can fit in some of them before work, I’ll feel like I have more free time. I don’t expect to accomplish anything in the morning before I get to the office, so doing anything then is gravy.

    The fabulous fiance did go run this morning, so that might spur me on. I am thinkig about setting my alarm a little earlier tomorrow and then a little earlier the next day and then get to the gym by Thursday before work.

    I do notice that I have more energy – and drink less tea – if I work out in the morning. Good luck establishing a routine, Diane!

  3. John Decker says:

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