Not So Weekend Update

For those of you wondering why the world almost ended on Tuesday, I can explain the earthquakes and the disappearance of the sun. My oldest child, The Hobbit, received caramel-filled chocolates from his Grandma and offered them to me. I reached deep within to find stores of will power previously untapped and politely declined his offer. He was so relieved.

Today marks two complete weeks of logging what I’ve been eating and exercising regularly. Here are the stats:

  • Lost/gained 0.5 pounds for a total of -0.5 (But, hey, my pants are looser)
  • Ran 5K last Saturday and had my best time in at least 15 years, 36:13. (I didn’t do a lot of running for most of those years, FYI)
  • Completed two short runs and am set for a long run on Sunday
  • Tried Just Dance 3—it rocks
  • Tried EA personal trainer which uses a combination of resistance training and cardio—it was surprisingly effective
  • Tried 10 Minute Solutions—Pilates on both Monday and Wednesday. Jury’s still out.

Tip of the week? If you’re really interested in running, find a good running store to get fitted for your tennis shoes. I went to Big Peach Running Company and they had me step on this doo-dad that showed them how much of an arch I had and where I tended to put pressure when I stood—kinda like a more sophisticated version of the Dr. Scholl’s machine at Wal-Mart. Then they had me run on the treadmill to watch gait, how my foot fell, and to see if I pronated or supinated. (No those aren’t vulgar terms. Promise.)

All in all, I tried on well over ten pairs of shoes and ran around outside to test them out. The clerk spent an hour working with me to find the right pair, gave hints on running form, and told me about classes they offer. The best part? They actually have a refund policy. If I had had problems with my spiffy new Adidas, I could have brought them back within two weeks. Of course, I, like Run DMC, love my Adidas and plan to keep them.

I highly recommend Big Peach for any of you in area. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of everything I learned in that hour. I’m pretty sure the fit of my shoes and some of the tips I got are partially responsible for at least one of the minutes I shaved off last year’s time, too!

What about you guys? How’re we doing in our never-ending quest to be healthy writers?



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  1. Wow, Sally! That’s an impressive effort. Congrats on the loss, the looser pants, and the better running time!

    What is an EA personal trainer? What kind of dance is in Just Dance 3? Are the 10 minute solutions part of P90X?

    For the most part, my eating was more in control the past week or so. I’m still contemplating upping the fitness stuff instead of actually doing the fitness stuff. Need to improve there. 🙂

    • Sally Kilpatrick says:

      Thanks, Michelle! I was more concerned with sustained effort than results.

      The EA personal trainer is a program for the Wii where you use controller, nunchuck, and resistance band.

      Just Dance 3 is a Wii Game, too, where you match the moves on the screen. It’s meant as a game, but it has a sweat option where they’ll string several songs together to work as a sort of category. The 3rd one has Let’s Go to the Mall, California Gurls, Dynamite, and several others. It’s a fun way to burn some calories.

      10 Minute Solutions is a DVD series–not related to P90x and not anywhere near as hard from what I understand. I’ve seen them in Target, but I was streaming this one from Netflix.

      Here’s hoping one of these will help you when you get around to some new fitness things!

  2. Diane Gaston says:

    I’m so impressed! Well done!

  3. Donna Alward says:

    Argh, my comment from this morning got eaten!

    I’m a pronator, and I find my preffered shoe is usually a Saucony.

    You did a great job this week – sure I couldn’t have passed up chocolate with caramel!

    I’m also interested in the 10 minute solutions? (Michelle, not part of P90X). Beachbody has a 10 Minute Trainer but I think this is different? Do tell!

    And I’ve been out of commission with a bum shoulder. I’m on meds and in physio for it and today is the first day since Tuesday I think I can manage any sort of a workout – even just walking on the treadmill. I can’t run or anything. Any motion is incredibly painful, though today is better than yesterday. Maybe the anti-inflammatories are finally kicking in!

    • Best wishes on your recovery, Donna!!!

    • Sally Kilpatrick says:

      Donna, I hope you feel better soon! Needing to work out and not being able to is SO frustrating. I’ve done that twice now with a muscle on top of my foot!

      I was talking at the 10 minute solutions above, but I forgot to mention they include a lot of stuff, not just Pilates. If y’all are interested, I can do a review of just that one DVD for my next post and go more in depth. Basically, the pilates one has 5 sections: legs, arms & shoulders, belly, total body, stretching. You can do one at a time or do all of them at once. I did the first 3 for a 30 minute workout. And I felt it. Pretty good strength training and all I needed was a yoga mat and 1,2, or 3 pound weights.

  4. Anju Gattani says:

    Hi Sally,
    interesting post and I’ve heard of someplace where they assess the fit of the shoe – so thanks for letting me know the name! I’m impressed! The loose pants and all! Keep it up and keep running… we’re right behind you!

    • Sally Kilpatrick says:

      Thanks, Anju! I really, really liked Big Peach. I’ve also been to West Stride which is off the interstate in Buckhead. They were okay, but Big Peach really took the time to get me what I needed. They also gave me a 5% discount because I brought in some older shoes to be recycled. I highly recommend taking the time to find the right shoe.

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