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Happy Labor Day

Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, always gets me thinking about new starts and new goals.  I know it’s from the 19 times that fall meant the start of a new school year.  I just get rid myself of that association even when school has been in the past for more than a decade.

This Labor Day is no exception.  I’ve found myself thinking about what I’m going to do for my health, fitness and writing this fall – basically from now until the start of the holidays.  I also have a wedding 6 weeks away.  🙂  That’s always a reason to think about my fitness.

So, this Labor Day I’m going to do a mini cooking marathon.  That means I have to choose 4-5 main dishes to make, compose a grocery list, shop and then do some cooking.  I’d also like to go to the gym, by the cooking and all may be enough fitness for a day.  I also want to make doctors’ appointments in the next couple of months and enjoy my wedding and honeymoon.  🙂

Does Labor Day have you thinking about new goals to work towards the next few months?  What are some of your plans?

Another yummy, healthy, easy recipe: Chickpeas in Curried Coconut Broth

I like to try new recipes.  I found a yummy, healthy, easy vegetarian (vegan?) recipe in the Cooking Light dinner’s ready! cookbook.  I definitely recommend it.  You will not be surprised to now I made a few changes.  I made it on the stove top instead of in a slow cooker, and I served it […]

Gettin’ Motivated and Gettin’ Cooking

Last Thursday one of my colleagues came into my office to tell me about this cool new app she had on her phone – My Fitness Pal.  That got us stated on one of those conversations about how hard it is to get motivated to do the work we know we need to do to […]

A Great Healthy Writer Jump Start

Last weekend I went on another writers’ retreat with five friends, all of whom I’ve met through my local RWA writers’ group.  We drove on Friday to a house in the Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, area for three nights and four days focused on writing.  It ended up being even better and more productive than […]

More Marathon Cooking

I started this weekend with an empty freezer and not much planned to do.  It’s been awhile since I did a full marathon cooking session, and I want to get back into a better healthy eating groove.  The fabulous boyfriend went to Tokyo this weekend for work, so all the stars were aligned for me […]

Discovering the Joys of Split Peas

I was not a picky eater growing up, but there were some food items that I just did not like.  As I got older, I learned to appreciate some.  Others remained in my dislike list.  At the top in the latter category were peas. Yes, I did once have a pea I liked.  A neighbor […]

Culinary Intelligence

The title of an article in the Washington Post Sunday Outlook Section caught my eye, and I had to read it.  It was “Secret to a healthy, sustainable diet: Flavor”, and it was a book review of Culinary Intelligence: The Art of Eating Healthy (And Really Well) by Peter Kaminsky. A life-long foodie who also […]

The Thrill is Gone

Last week the fabulous boyfriend and I tried to figure out where to go out to eat one night.  The conversation went somewhat like this: “Where would you like to eat tonight? “I’m pretty open.  Do you want to go anywhere in particular?” “Not really.” “Do you want to try somewhere new?” “How about someplace […]

Hard Work Brings Success Brings Hard Work

You know how bad habits can compound themselves? You give in to the desire to eat something you know is bad for you and you gain weight as a consequence. And then you feel bad about gaining weight, so you eat something else bad, and so on. Well, the opposite is true as well, as […]

Your Go To Meals

It has been too long since I last did a cooking marathon, and my stash of homemade, individually portioned, frozen meals has dwindled.  I haven’t found the time or desire to do another big cooking marathon yet, so I’ve been falling back on some old, go to meals. These are the kind of meals that […]

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