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Happy New Year!

I had a wonderful 2013.  Ten, twenty, thirty years from now, I will remember 2013 as the year I became engaged to a wonderful man one wintry day and married him on a beautiful, fall day in Florida.  I might remember that it was the first year of a new job that I might still consider a good career move.  I may not remember it for what is bringing me down today.  On the last day of 2013, I saw the largest number on a scale I have ever seen when weighing myself.

Yes, I am not feeling very healthy or writerly on the first day of 2014.  I’m feeling pretty fat.  A negative voice wants to take over my head, and the fat feeling could take over everything if I let it.  That’s pretty stupid.  See the first three sentences of paragraph one.

But, I do need to find some motivation or energy to try once again to get healthy and fit.  Getting into the healthy weight zone seems impossible right now, but I know I feel better (and look better) when I am overweight as opposed to obese.  My fabulous husband and I look forward to a long, happy life together. and getting healthy and fit will make that likelier.

The DH (dear husband) is filled with a lot more determination, optimism and hope about starting a good Weight Watchers run than I am right now.  I don’t want to bring him down, and I do see the need to change some ways.  The new(ish) job referred to in paragraph one is still pretty stressful at times, and I need to do better stress management in 2014 than 2013.  I’m contemplating trying to workout some mornings during the work week.  This means getting up earlier, and that is not appealing.  That said, my preference for going to fun gym classes after work did not work for me last year.  I have to find a way to make sure I work out more.

The summer heat of 2013 stopped my typical walks during my lunch hour, and I need to do that more often.  The DH gave me a fitbit, to replace the one I lost when I was wedding dress shopping, for Christmas, and I need to set that up.  Having the fitbit show that I was pretty close to 10,000 steps for the day could inspire me to walk around at night until I made that goal.

The DH and I do eat out way too much.  In addition to the added expense, I know it greatly increases our calorie intake for the day.  We must be better about that this year.  I’m halfway through deciding what dishes to make in my next cooking marathon.  I’m going to have to come up with a Kessler rule about eating out for the next few months at least.  Perhaps I should limit myself to eating out only once or twice a week.

The DH and I have agreed that we must make getting back on a health and fitness kick our priority in January.  This even included the both of us making doctor’s appointments.  I shouldn’t admit this, but I haven’t seen a doctor in at least 10 years, and that was in a walk-in clinic.  I think my last physical was in 2000.  I know I’m not the only one who can say something like that, but yes, I’m due.  I know that my biggest health issue is my weight, and I just kept saying I’d go to a doctor when I conquered that.  Even at my lowest less than two years ago, I kept putting it off for a skinnier day.  Madness.

If anyone still comes to this blog, they might notice I haven’t posted since Labor Day.  I do think this blog has helped me a lot in the past, and I want to see if it can do that again.

Here’s to a healthier 2014!  2013 was a tremendously happy year, and that is even more important than healthy.  But, it is time to prioritize getting healthy again.  Happy New Year!

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!  Today is about remembering the people who have sacrificed their lives for their country.  It’s a gift that should be acknowledge and appreciated and hard to grasp. Memorial Day has a second meaning to many people as the start of summer.  I love how the rhythms of the year and of life […]

Lent and Meals without Meat

It’s the last week of Lent. One of the things Lent always gets me thinking about is meals without meat.  Often during Lent, I try not to eat meat on Fridays and Ash Wednesday.  Some years, I do that the whole time, some years I completely blow it off, and some years I fast on […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! There have been times in my life when this holiday has been a dud or even a downer for me, but that is not the case anymore.  2012 was a good year for me.  Part of that has to do with the fabulous boyfriend and our relationship.  I also achieved a longtime […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you have been able to surround yourself with loved ones, friends and family at this time of the year.  If you cannot surround yourself with loved ones, I hope you can find another way to celebrate and feel good about the holiday.  Don’t let the dark side […]

My First Week on Diet-to-Go

In my last post before Thanksgiving, I mentioned I was considering giving Diet-to-Go a try.  I started a new job in mid-November after being with my previous organization and industry for more than 10 years.  It’s an exciting opportunity and great career move, but I have once again been shown that I don’t always react […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of us in America, this Thursday is one of the biggest holidays of the year.  Like many holidays, Thanksgiving can revolve around getting together with family and friends and enjoying copious amounts of delicious food: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetable side dishes, rolls and dessert.  I love it! While Thanksgiving is one day […]

Happy Veterans’ Day

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year 1918, World War One ended.  Armistace Day commemorated the occasion for years.   As years went by, there were more wars and warriors to remember, and November 11 became Veterans’ Day.  On the 11th and the 12th of November in the […]

Happy Columbus Day!

Did you even remember that today is Columbus Day?  Unless you have kids in public school, work for the government, or are fortunate enough to have an employer who does give you the day off for the holiday, you might have forgotten that today is Columbus Day. I’m one of those lucky ones who does […]

Happy Labor Day!

Who doesn’t love a holiday?  I hope that you are enjoying this lovely day off and are either saying goodbye to summer or thinking about how this can be a great healthy writer autumn for you.  I read a nice article in Saturday’s Washington Post (For Labor Day, a look at work’s spiritual value) about […]

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